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What’s So Special

TasteOfCity” is your one-stop App and food guide to browse best tastes of famous street food from all across India. Be it the current location of your city, a new city that you’re planning to visit or the one that’s there on your preferred destinations, Taste of city comes most handy in locating the tasty dine out delights from your flanking neighborhoods.

Not just confined to famous restaurants and hotels, TOC gets unique & famous food from all corners of the country including the last mile culinary delights from Indian street food. No, this is not the end to it! You can also follow friends and check out their updates, post photos, give rating according to your likes and dislikes, check the users review and view map to know about the famous taste around you. Moreover, our search filters allow you to search by location, search by cuisine and also search by mood.

Taste Of City APP Features…


the best tastes nearest to your location


the address, contact, and complete GPS navigation to each outlet…


unique tastes that you may find missing


Reviews and find out what other Foodies think of taste you wish to savour

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tastes by City, Cuisine, taste types, taste categories…


tastes you want to visit or the tastes have already visited


your Feedback on tastes and UPLOAD photos


your favorite tastes with your friends, colleagues and community groups